HO Slot Racing in Hampton Roads

The sixth race in the MASCAR series, attracted a large crowd from all over the SouthEast. Racers from Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia made the trek to the new HobbyTown shop in Virginia Beach. MASCAR welcomed Jeffrey (Notorious Que) Moton and Jack (Batman) Muirhead from the Atlanta area, Bob (RAWAfx) Weichbrodt and Vernon (VMax) Dew from North Carolina and new racers Ed, Chris and Ronnie from Virginia. Because of limited store hours we got going at 11am with the BeachJet 2.5 minute round robin. BeachJets were running Fray body rules, because Tom, Jerry and Jack are all in practice mode for the Fray.

pit and practice scenes

BeachJet 2.5 minute Round Robin qualifier

1. -Tom Bowman-----60.13--brp Crossfire GT

2. -James Kennedy--58.21--brp Ford GT

3. -Shawn Molter---58.14--brp Ford GT

4. -Jerry Schmoyer-57.62--brp Ford GT

5. -Steve Jones----55.11--brp Crossfire GT

6. -Jack Muirhead--54.50--brp Ford GT

7. -John Smith-----52.56--brp Crossfire GT

8. -Bob Hall-------51.57--brp Crossfire GT

9. -Bob Weichbrodt-50.10--brp Ford GT

10. Roger Corrie---48.63--Aurora Ferrari GTO

11. Mike Ose-------48.63--JL Camaro

12. Jeffrey Moton--47.34--brp Toyota 2000 GT

13. Vernon Dew-----44.45--Windmill 360

14. Scott Schmoyer-44.42--brp Crossfire GT

15. Kris-----------43.00--brp Crossfire GT

16. Ed Stewart-----37.53--brp Ford GT

D Main cars and drivers

D Main - 3 minutes------------TOTAL--OVERALL PLACE





C Main cars and drivers

C Main


Bob W.---Y:17-B:15-W:10-G:11--53.52--14TH



B Main cars and drivers

B Main



Bob H.---G:16-Y:16-B:15-W:16--63.00--7TH


A Main cars and drivers

A Main





BeachJets are always close and all four A Main drivers were in with a chance. Jerry and Tom were even after two segments, Tom edged out a lap in the third. Jerry gained the lap back on the blue gutter, but Tom had a few sections in hand.

Super Stock 2.5 minute round robin

1. -Steve Jones----147.12--P3

2. -James Kennedy--141.63--Scorpion

3. -Shawn Molter---141.29--Panther

4. -John Smith-----134.61--Scorpion

5. -Tom Bowman-----128.66--Scorpion

6. -Vernon Dew-----124.03--G3

7. -Bob Weichbrodt-122.32--G3

8. -Jack Muirhead--121.62--Panther

9. -Jeffrey Moton--118.20--Panther

10. Kris-----------104.30--P3

11. Mike Ose-------101.48--Scorpion

12. Josh Bowman----100.48--Scorpion

13. Ed Stewart------90.21--Scorpion

14. Bob Hall--------54.00--Scorpion

Steve served notice in qualifying that he had come to race. It looked like James and Shawn would be looking at fighting for second, barring equipment trouble. Vern and Jeffrey were down a bit in the standings but their cars are quick!

C Main - 5 minutes------------TOTAL--OVERALL PLACE





Bob H.---W:00-G:00-Y:00-B:00--000.00--14TH


Jeffrey had a consistent run, and must have been suffering from lack of practice, not to have qualified better. Fortunately for him, MASCAR goes by lap totals for the overall rankings, not how you do in the main.

Super stock B Main

B Main




Bob W.---W:52-G:63-Y:64-B:63--242.09---8TH

Vernon set a torrid pace on the yellow hammer lane, three laps more than anyone else would get. The gutters bothered him some, preventing a podium finish.

Super Stock A Main

A Main





The A Main was the closest fight of the day in the Super Stock event. Steve was setting the pace with an amazingly consistent run. The gutters claimed James, while Shawn turned up the heat on Yellow. Shawn was down only three going into the last segment, but unfortunately for his effort, the crown gear started slipping. James was on Yellow and matched Shawn's earlier run of 74, and John had his best segment on the very tight blue lane. It was Steve's race however, the gutters didn't affect him much and he claimed his first MASCAR win!