HO Slot Racing in Hampton Roads

October 27, 2002 Races

The second round of the M.A.S.C.A.R. series took place at Shawn Molter’s Kempsville Motor Speedway in Virginia Beach, October 27th. The BeachJet race was sponsored by MEV, who donated a very nice hand painted D-type Jaguar for the winner. BeachJets are our special version of the Fray rules, with no magnet restrictions and with the body being specified for the race. Bodies are only allowed shortened posts and trimmed wheelwells. This round specified any MEV, Model Motoring or Johnny Lightning body.

First up was the qualifier, where the MEV Ferrari proved to be the best handling body, against the Camaro horde.

BeachJet Round Robin 2.5 min

1:-Tom Bowman-----57.40--MEV Ferrari P4
2:-Jerry Schmoyer-52.20--MEV Ferrari P4
3:-James Kennedy--51.34--MM 69 Camaro
4:-Shawn Molter---48.65--MM 69 Camaro
5:-Robert Crow----47.6---MM 67 GTO
6:-John Smith-----46.42--MM 69 Camaro
7:-Scott Schmoyer 37.12--MM Yenko Camaro

The B Main was a close contest with Robert Crowe driving his limited edition GTO in his first race in almost ten years, against “Mr. Rookie” John Smith who battled strongly until Robert put it away in the hammer lanes. Scott Schmoyer, gamely tried to hang on with a ballistic Yenko, that had lost the silicone on one of his rear tires. Scott was wishing for a track with more straights than the Kempsville track had!

The A Main proved to be very exciting as Team brp drivers Tom Bowman and Jerry Schmoyer Ferraris battled track owner Shawn’s Camaro. Tom finally pulled it out in the last segment on the yellow hammer lane, while Jerry and Shawn were struggling on the gutters. Very unusually, James Kennedy was not in the hunt on the day.

BeachJet Main 3.5 min


The second part of the event is the Super Stock magnet car race. Rules are based on UFHORA but somewhat relaxed for club racing. These cars really seem quick on the tight 5x12 Kempsville track, especially after racing tjets!

Wizzard’s new Scorpion chassis was the popular mount, although the entire field ran various Patriots. Shawn had put together Robert’s new Scorpion just before the race and it was very fast. In the qualifier Shawn battled John for the top spots on the A Main, with Tom having a good run to pip James for the last spot in A. Josh was quick while on the track, but was crashing too much to stay with James. Robert neglected to run on the blue gutter lane, which is the most difficult on the track, that cost him big time!

Super Stock Round Robin 3.5 min

1:-Shawn Molter--159.26--Scorpion
2:-John Smith----157.55--Scorpion
3:-Tom Bowman----153.13--P2
4:-James Kennedy-149.00--P3
5:-Josh Bowman---141.72--Scorpion
6:-Robert Crow---111.49--Scorpion

The B Main started out very close between Josh and James, until Josh struggled in the last two segments. James had a guidepin problem that slowed him on the last segment. Robert was running well, until the blue lane tripped him up again, like the qualifier. He will be much stronger next time.

The A Main started with Tom building a lead as Shawn struggled with a chassis clip problem. John seemed somewhat off the pace of his last race at Kempsville. Tom had a 13 lap lead going into the last segment on the blue lane, Shawn was to his left on the yellow lane. Shawn drove faster and faster, getting back laps back from Tom on the gutter. Tom has driving as hard as he could, equalling his run on the faster white gutter. In the end despite having the high segment lap total of 72, Shawn fell 6 laps short. This was quite an upset, as Tom was driving a three year old Patriot P2 against the latest model, Scorpion.

Super Stock Main Event 5 min


Round 3 of the M.A.S.C.A.R. series is November 2nd at the new HobbyTown USA track in Virginia Beach