HO Slot Racing in Hampton Roads

November 3, 2002 Races

HobbyTown Raceway

Tom Bowman and John Smith's tjets

BeachJet 1st, Tom Bowman and 2nd John Smith

Our first Saturday race, proved to be lacking in turnout as several regulars couldn't make it. Never the less the race must go on, and the competitors that showed up were ready! The BeachJet race was for any body and the Bat-Jet Ford GT and Crossfire GT made up most of the field. Mike Ose from Newport News gamely raced his quick JL Fairlane, but he did realize the quick way around the track...purchasing two Ford GT's from Tom.

Round Robin Qualifier - 3 minutes

1:-Tom Bowman-----68.8--Bat-Jet Ford GT

2:-Shawn Molter---62.63-Bat-Jet Crossfire GT

3:-Mike Ose-------57.32-JL Fairlane

4:-Josh Bowman----57.14-Bat-Jet Crossfire GT

5:-John Smith-----50.53-Bat-Jet Ford GT

BeachJet Main - 3.5 min Round Robin






John was initially setting the pace on the hammer lanes. Tom took the lead with John finishing on the gutters, and Tom on the good lanes. Shawn was very consistent, but lacked the speed to challenge Tom and John.

Super Stock Round Robin Qualifier - 3.5 min

1:-John Smith-----152.4--Scorpion

2:-Shawn Molter---150----Scorpion

3:-Tom Bowman-----136----P2

4:-Josh Bowman----131----Scorpion

5:-Mike Ose-------121----P3

The 16 foot straight brought the quick guys to the front, John set the pace during the qualifier. Shawn looked to be his only competition this day.

Super Stock Round Robin Main - 5 min






Shawn's mastery of the gutter lanes gave him quite a lead over John. Tom and Josh battled from family honors, while Mike focused on a clean run with his new Patriot. Next round is back at Kempsville, December 1st, Shawn's other home track!