HO Slot Racing in Hampton Roads

M.A.S.C.A.R. 5



The commercial raceway, Collective Chaos in Gloucester hosted the fifth round of the MASCAR championship on December 15th.    Don Soltow from Fairfax and Vernon Dew from Durham, North Carolina joined the MASCAR regulars for this race.   The battleground was the 4 x 16 foot Tomy track of Johnson Motor Speedway.   The BeachJets were running Mustang and Camaro bodies for the classic Ford vs Chevy rivalry.   So the scene was set for some hard running in the qualifier…when the dust settled Tom Bowman edged his brp teammate, Jerry Schmoyer by 8 sections.  Roger Corrie had an outstanding run to the third spot, followed by brp teammate Don Soltow.



BeachJet 2.5 Min  Round Robin


1. Tom Bowman     Bat-Jet Camaro       59.30

2. Jerry Schmoyer   MM Yenko             59.22

3. Roger Corrie        JL Camaro             56.58

4.  Don Soltow        Bat-Jet Camaro      55.37

5. James Kennedy    JL Camaro             55.14

6. John Smith           JL Camaro             54.46

7. Bob Hall               JL Camaro             53.4

8. Mike Ose              Aurora Camaro     51.30

9. Mark Smith           JL Mustang           51.16

10. Shawn Molter     MM Mustang        49.46

11. Vernon Dew        JL Mustang          48.29

12. Scott Schmoyer   NuRora Mustang  45.12

13. Josh Bowman      Bat-Jet Camaro    42.43


The BeachJet  A Main was a ding dong battle as the brp team stayed neck and neck until the final segment.  Don and Jerry were on the gutters, while Tom was on the Red hammer lane, gaining a nearly two lap advantage.


BeachJet 3.5 Min Finals


A Main                                                 Lane Totals                                 Total              Overall Place


Jerry Schmoyer              Green:17  Yellow: 20  Red: 19  White:17         73.50                    2

Don Soltow                    Yellow:17  Red:  20  White: 16  Green:18         71.46                   3

Roger Corrie                    Red: 17  White: 16  Green: 17  Yellow: 16      66.52                    8

Tom Bowman                  white: 17  Green:20  Yellow:18 Red:20           75.41                    1


B Main


John Smith                       Green:16 Yellow:16 Red: 17 White: 17            66.58                   6

Mike Ose                          Yellow:16 Red:16 White:15 Green: 15             62.67                  10

Bob Hall                            Red:17 White:15 Green:19 Yellow:18             69.31                    4

James Kennedy                 White:14 Green:19 Yellow:06 Red:18              57.70                  12


C Main (Round Robin)


Mark Smith                      Green:16 Yellow:18 Red:17 White:16              67.06                     5

Scott Schmoyer                Yellow:14 Red:13 White:12 Green:13              52.64                    13

Vernon Dew                      Red:16 White:15 Green:14 Yellow:13             58.65                    11

Shawn Molter                    White:14 Green:18 Yellow:17 Red:17             66.53                     7

Josh Bowman                     Green:14 Yellow:17 Red:18 White:15             64.49                     9




Left to right: Tom Bowman, Roger Corrie, Don Soltow and Jerry Schmoyer

The Super Stock race was clearly going to a battle ground between the three manufacturers of professional level magnet cars.   Vernon Dew brought the sure-handling Scale Auto G3 and Don Soltow brought a fast, big block Panther to play with the Patriots and Scorpions of  the mainly Wizzard equipped MASCAR regulars.


Super Stock   3 Min  Round Robin


1. James Kennedy    Patriot P3      177.44

2. Bob Hall               Patriot P3      170.31

3. John Smith           Scorpion        168.7

4. Vernon Dew         G3                 166.37

5. Don Soltow          Panther           161.1

6. Mark Smith          Patriot P3       160.39

7. Tom Bowman      Patriot P2        149.7

8. Josh Bowman       Scorpion         145.13

9. Shawn Molter       Panther           142.17

10. Mike Ose            Scorpion         133.64



The “A” Main lived up to expectations as Vernon’s G and James P3 blistered the field.  James set a furious pace, as he has won more races than anyone on this track.  Vernon held a quick pace as well, until the tight radius’s of the White gutter, blunted his challenge.  Don’s Panther was the pacesetter in the “B” Main, making  a superb run to third.

The Super Stock field

Super Stock

Left to right: James Kennedy, Bob Hall, Vernon Dew and John Smith


A  Main          5 Min


John Smith                   Green: 65 Yellow:65 Red:75 White:69            274.10                   6

Vernon Dew                 Yellow:74 Red:76 White:69 Green:72             291.11                   2

Bob Hall                        Red:72 White:68 Green:68 Yellow:72            280.42                   4

James Kennedy             White:74 Green:74 Yellow:76 Red:79            303.49                    1


B Main         Round Robin


Mark Smith                  Green:71 Yellow:69 Red:71 White:63              274.56                   5

Josh Bowman               Yellow:62 Red:59 White:52 Green:57              230.41                   9

Don Soltow                   Red:74 White:71 Green:70 Yellow:69             284.60                   3

Tom Bowman               White:42 Green:62 Yellow:59 Red:62             225.10                  10

Shawn Molter               Green:62 Yellow:68 Red:64 White:62             256.07                    7

Mike Ose                       Yellow:59 Red:57 White:61 Green:56            233.52                    8





SS Final 4 cars