HO Slot Racing in Hampton Roads


MARCH 22, 2003

MASCAR 9 Title

Saturday was a beautiful day for slot racing, and MASCAR welcomed Jason Zawacky, visiting from Jacksonville, Florida. The Capital Racing League crew, from the DC beltway area, was represented by: Wendell (Yobear42) Jones, Craig (CW Racer) Washington, Mike White and Randy Ramat. All of our visitors quickly proved that limited practice and borrowed cars, were not going to slow them down!

BeachJet Qualifier - 2 minutes round robin

1. -Tom Bowman-------50.10--brp Mangusta

2. -Jerry Schmoyer---49.09--brp Crossfire GT

3. -Craig Washington-48.37--brp Ford GT SE

4. -James Kennedy----45.42--brp Ford GT

5. -Shawn Molter-----45.11--brp Ford GT

6. -Wendell Jones----44.37--brp Ford GT SE

7. -John Smith-------43.29--brp Crossfire GT

8. -Mike White-------43.29--brp Ford GT

9. -Jason Zawacky----43.10--brp Crossfire GT

10.-Roger Corrie-----42.28--Fandango Mercedes

11.-Josh Bowman------38.39--brp Mazda RX-7

12.-Scott Schmoyer---38.33--brp Crossfire GT

The racing was extremely close in the BeachJet class, despite not racing tjets before, Craig put on a good run to challenge the BeachJet Top Dogs, Tom and Jerry...or maybe that's supposed to be a cat and mouse story. James and Shawn were also very close, but not as close as MASCAR stalwart, John Smith, tied with CRL driver Mike White. That was settled with a coin toss, to set the Mains.

C Main cars and drivers

"C" Main - 2.5 Minutes





Jason's black Crossfire GT, must have had some cobwebs in it from the lack of racing in Florida...finished just a few sections behind John and Mike...which slotted him in the "C" Main. He was to battle with Roger's Mercedes right up to the last segment, where Roger had trouble negotiating the hairpin after the start finish. Josh was playing "Musical Controllers" in the first heat, which cost him "Big Time". Josh drove hard, but couldn't overcome Scott's steady drive to 10th.

B Main cars and drivers

"B" Main 2.5 minutes





Wendell put in an excellent run, doing better than Shawn on the gutters, which resulted in a lap edge by the end. John and Mike had there own duel, with visiting Mike doing well enough on the hammer lanes to take a lap lead over John. A Main cars and drivers

"A" Main 2.5 minutes





Tom and Jerry had a ding-dong battle, with James right there too. Craig's lack of experience with tjets, resulted in a very consistent run. Jerry matched Tom in the fourth segment with an outstanding run in Blue, but it wasn't quite enough. James was just over a lap back in third. Wendell picked up fourth from the "B" Main. Kris getting some help!

New racer, Kris, getting some help from James!

Blue Devil Donnie painted Vette!

Super Stock 2 minute round robin

1. -Shawn Molter----110.39--Panther

2. -James Kennedy---108.24--Scorpion

3. -Jason Zawacky---107.65--Scorpion

4. -Mike White------105.30--Panther

5. -Tom Bowman------103.15--Scorpion

6. -John Smith------103.09--Scorpion

7. -Wendell Jones---102.49--G3

8. -Randy Ramat------99.47--G3

9. -Bob Hall---------99.08--Panther

10. Craig Washington-96.76--G3

11. Josh Bowman------91.28--Panther

12. Aaron Aycox------88.63--Scorpion

13. Kris-------------75.49--Scorpion

The tjet hard core, Jerry, Scott and Roger, departed and were replaced by magnet racers: Randy Ramat, Aaron (AAA) Aycox, Bob Hall, and HobbyTown local racer Kris. Time was fleeting, so the round robin was cut to two minutes. Racing was extremely close, with the Panther of Shawn, edging James and Jason in Scorpions, both of which had the new Wizzard motor mags. Mike White had an excellent run to secure the last spot in the "A" Main. Tom, just sneaked by John, to claim first pick in the "B".

C Main cars and drivers

C Main - 5 minutes------------TOTAL--OVERALL PLACE





Kris had to leave, but if he keeps practicing, the results will come. Bob's lack of practice time hurt, but in the "C" he had a very quick pace. Josh had an excellent run on yellow to start, but then Pink Panther didn't like the gutters, which hurt his effort. AAA had an edge over Josh, but let him off the hook, with a poor run on white. Craig was wishing he was still racing tjets, as the G3 developed unknown difficulties. B Main cars and drivers

B Main - 5 minutes------------TOTAL--OVERALL PLACE





The "B" Main was a closely competitive race, John and Randy started out hot, with Wendell and Tom unable to keep pace in the gutters. Randy uncorked a 77 on yellow, which was the best of the day...unfortunately lack of practice doomed him on the difficult blue gutter. That 77 tied him with VMax during the January race at the Hobbytown Speedway. Tom just pipped John by less than a lap at the end, but while they weren't looking Wendell steamed by, on a very steady run...which earned him 4th overall.

A Main cars and drivers

A Main - 5 minutes------------TOTAL--OVERALL PLACE





Shawn's race started unfortunately with an errant pickup, following a crash. The rest of the guys, didn't hang around to see what happened...the battle commenced! Mike was feeling very racy, Jason was on a march and James was the target. Shawn was driving exceptionally well, but had too much ground to make up. Mike and James were neck and neck, but Jason's steady drive on the gutters got him the victory.

Thanks to Scott, HobbyTown owner, for letting us play for an hour after closing. Thanks to Subway for keeping us fed, and relieved! This is really a great venue, and with the out-of-towners continuing to support this race in droves, MASCAR remains the most competitive racing in the SouthEast!