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Our second Va Beach race is over and as usual we had a blast. Some really close racing all around. Our Beach Jet race was extremely close and we finally got to see some other body choices. No Lolas or Ferraris here. Only American sedans and coupes. I'm looking forward to our next one. Thanks to Mark for making the trip from Gloucester and bringing Raymond. I let Ray race my backup Beach Jet and he made me feel like it was better than mine. Boy can he race. Another Thanks to Eugene for trekking all the way from Richmond. He always has some unique cars to show us. And he brought our favorite female racer Jenny along too. Always nice seeing you Jenny. And of course our locals were there to provide some competition too. AAA, George, Josh, Scott, and John. Tom was awesome again as the host and had all in order. Lastly and most importantly thanks goes out to Reg, Tom's wife for the warm hospitality, use of her home for the day, and especially for that great feast she prepared for all of us for lunch. Well worth the 5.00 fee. Thanks again to all who showed and a reminder to all who couldn't make it that our next race will be on the 4th of August where Beach Jet long wheel base sedans and coupes will be on the card again. Hope to see you there.


Awesome FUN. Thanks Tom for once again having us, and for helping Jenny with her broken guide pin. Thanks to Jerry for helping me with my car problems, and explaining some important tips. Thanks to all the friendly racers who showed up and provided the competition. I really enjoy the racing and feel good as I get better each time. I sure do still have a ways to go, but each visit I learn more and yesterday was no exeption. The unlimited race didn't take place, but didn't need to. I witnessed Tom's ultimate machine in action and bow to his extreme superiority. I had no challenge to offer him. I wish that class would be more popular, but understand nothing I can say will change the facts. It takes time and money to build those type cars.


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