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George Morley, Tom Bowman and Eugene Harrington showing the intensity necessary when marshalling Scott Schmoyer, Josh Bowman, Robin Edmonds and Ray Smith (obscured) at the 4th of August Virginia Beach Tjet races...

The third race in our Summer series, was a complete change from previous events, since top magnet racers, Jason Zawacky and James Kennedy, decided to try their driving skills without the aid of handling magnets. They really took the event seriously and spent all Friday evening preparing their cars. Unlike some people, who have to go through a hundred cars to find a competitive one, Jason and James dominated with just one each...meticulously prepared with just the right parts, to go quickly. The rest of the locals and our Richmond visitors, were scrambling to keep up. This race had the Beach Jet class running long wheelbase American sedans. As you can see below, the class brought out a lot of interesting bodies, that don't normally get raced. The Beach Jet body rules allow only lowering the posts and radiusing wheelwells, which makes it easier to prepare a body since three hours of dremeling are not required. The Beach Jet races ran rather long, so there were only seven racers, who stayed to do the Pro Tjet class. Racing these cars is quite a challenge, with lots of power and limited traction, creating exciting power slides in every corner! Jason was again the man to beat, Tom, Jerry and Eugene chased him, but didn't quite get there. It was a fun race all around, great competition, great drivers and great food, thanks to Regina Bowman's magic in the kitchen.

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