The Bianchi Magnetic Braid Track

Home of the HO Racers of Virginia Beach

img21a.gif...Dreher Corner, Lancer Lola T70-MkIII chasing a Dino

img20a.gif...Porcelli Corner, Toyota GT-1 bodied Panther SS inside Mercedes CLK-GTR Tomy RO

img18a.gif...Esterline Corner, Three sizes of Hot Rods, narrow one on Mini-Tjet, wide one Tomy Turbo

img15a.gif...Beedle Corner, brp painted Superman and Spiderman powered by Patriot PII

img18.gif...Kemp Corner, Rhino 1/32 Kart and Super II

img19a.gif...Bianchi Corner, Rick Dodge painted Buick lead sled, leading Ford van

img16a.gif...Lincoln Corner, Steve Jones painted Stars and Stripes PU and brp painted Yahoo PU