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I pulled these junk AFX chassis out of the pile, for those interested in the socalled Brass Wars era of the early 70's Most of these are probably from 1972-73, during which I raced in Indiana HOPRA and in HOUROC Open race in LA...and came back with ideas on combining my magnet car technology with brass pans. These never did work as well as a straight up AFX with craft magnets, or later on the AFX Specialty chassis...which really was like it was designed for holding a mid mounted traction magnet.

1. This is a Randy Kemp built "Denny Pan style" AFX, with a full size front mounted alnico craft magnet, and the cut out chassis where the mid-mounted magnet went. It would have also had a wired on rear magnet, as shown on #3.
2. This is (I think) a TCP brass pan mounted on an AFX, with my Faller style brush setup. Shaker pan with lead and pin mounts, and sticky lead tape on the bottom. This also would have a mid-mounted magnet and a rear magnet.
3. This is Iso-Fulcrum design, similiar to what the California HOUROC racers were running on AFX chassis. Mine was overloaded with magnets! Faller brush system, pans pivot from the chassis near the pickup hangers. Not sure what guide pin setup was, but the California Iso-Fulcrums, had a piano wire guide pin, going through the chassis and bent to provide an up-stop.
4. The brp 80-ZAP, an iso-fulcrum split pan electric design, invented to provide an answer to the widespread banning of add on handling magnets, which occurred in Indiana/Michigan HOPRA and HOUROC. This car would have Super II magnets dropped through the chassis, Super II arm and cut down Faller brushes. This car was well before Aurora released the MagnaTraction and ran as well as my brp MKII magnet car chassis.
5. This is a brass shaker perimeter pan, interesting design, but no sure who made it or where I picked it up.

6. This a Randy Kemp "Denny Style" pan AFX, and unmodified by me! Amazing craftsmanship from Randy, who really was the best driver of the era, IMHO!

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