2001 Fray at Ferndale

Model Motoring Racing Team

Kevin and Joe

Team Captain Kevin Chesney and Joe Selinsky

Joe's backside

Joe showing his true colors!

MMRT pits

Gage, Joe Hoopes and Joe Selinsky doing a little frantic fray tuning!

Green Track

Ken Taylor practicing on the Green track.

Orange Track

The sinous Brad Bowman Orange track

Yellow Track

The Yellow track was used for the Individual round after the team race.

Blue Track

Joe talking with Socal's Chris Wiley at the Blue track

Purple Track

The Purple Track

Tan Track

The infamous Tan figure 8

Red Track

JB getting some local driving tips on the Brad Bowman red track

Team champs-Socal

The Team champs-Southern California: from the left is Gary Patton, Mike Engelage, Milt Surratt, Chris Burneson, Rick Jochem, and Chris Wiley.


The top 6 individual racers, from the left: Shane Mitchell, Petaluma; Rick Machado, Ferndale; Steve Ward, Kansas City; Mike Engelage, Socal; Rick Jochem, Socal; Walter McClurg, Eureka.

Fray squad Lolas

The Lola Fray Squad, That's all folks!