Gallery of Slots

Mostly hardbody Tjets, but a few Lexan Magnet cars too


Two Dino's, both dressed in NART livery. The stock looking one is actually a Gplus, the muscular 38 is a AFX Specialty chassis with two NEO dots for traction, very quick indeed.


Two Lola GT's, one stock, one flared to the MAX with Model Motoring red annodized wheels and Black Hawk tires.


A PM based 427 Cobra, mildly flared and a vibe Xk-140 tan, that shattered after encountering a hard tile floor, rebuilt as a racing car.


My favorite Playing Mantis body, the Corvette Grand Sport.


The Cheetah, really looks tough in the flared version, this car was like my Mangusta, being thoroughly dremeled back in the 70's to fit on an AFX chassis. It's been restored for modern Tjet racing.


Two PM cars that got the flare treatment. The Camaro looked far to narrow in stock form, but with flares and the Chaparral paint it's a slightly smaller version of the AFX 70 Camaro TransAm car. The black car is hard to see but it's the PM AFX style Shelby Mustang, mildly flared and mounted on a Tjet. This body really fits the Tjet chassis well.


Here are two Pontiac GrandPrix NASCAR's both made by Mattel! The larger one is a stock Tyco/Mattel car, the smaller one is a HotWheels pencil sharpener, sold in the birthday party area at Target. After dremeling the windows, I epoxied in the rear where the hole for pencil was. It really fits a narrow tired Tjet nicely.


Three Hot Rods in different widths-the wide one is a Tomy Turbo, the narrow one is a Mini-T-jet chassis, and the middle one is just right...a normal Tjet. You may wonder why...I say why not!


This a green Lancer Lola T70 MkIII, painted in 1969 on a Tjet chassis with AJ's wheels and an AJ's handling pan. Very competitive in 1969! The Porsche 908 is based on a Tyco Pro body that had been modified to fit an AFX. I rebuilt it for a warp speed Tjet, featuring a Super II-ized Tjet chassis, with two NEO dots. This car is as quick as most modern Super Stock class cars.


Here are some real racers, Patriot II Super Stock and Restricted Open. The bodies are Madd Jaguars, if you can't tell! Spidy and Superman are not decals, they are traced in special drawing film ink on the inside of the body.


Just to show some other painter's work, here are a Steve Jones painted Stars & Stripes NASTRUCK and a Rick Dodge painted flamed Buick lead sled.


This is a Thunderbolt Toyota GT1 and a Thunderbolt Mercedes CLK-GTR with Microsport stickers.