2002 Fray at Ferndale

Team Wizzard Racing Team

Back row: Hoss Phoenix, Tom Bowman, Joe Selinsky and Bob Lincoln. Front row: Ken Taylor, Frank Spena, Jr. and Ed Phillips

The 2002 version of the East Coast Fray team was sponsored by Wizzard. On the team was returning Fray veterans: Tom Bowman, Joe Selinsky and Ken Taylor. Rookies this year were Frank Spena, Jr., Hoss Phoenix, Ed Phillips and Bob Lincoln.

Race by race results for Team Wizzard

Tom & Frank in the pits

Team Captain Tom Bowman and the Snowball 500 champ, Frank Spena

Hoss on blue

Hoss Phoenix showing the way around the Blue track

Uncle Ken and protoge, Ed on the yellow track

Practicing on the Yellow track

intensity on the purple track

Frank, and Ken driving the purple monster, while Tom thinks about marshalling...or not

new track this year, black

16 teams entered this years's Fray, requiring an 8th track, Fortuna resident, Rick Martin, brought his gorgeous "Brad Bowman" built track to the Portuguese Hall at the last minute.

Frank doing the black

Frank Spena carving the Black track, this table was voted the favorite of Team Wizzard

The individual finals on the Green track

Individual finals on the Green track, was a SOCAL vs Kansas City battle this year...won by Don Bourne, of KC

some of my Fray cars with Bat-Jet bodies

These are typical cars entered at the Fray by Team Wizzard

The business side of the cars shown above

The flip side, the yellow tires are experimental Wizzard silicone sponge racing tires

This is the special brp Wizzard Signature Edition Lola GT

This shows the "Wizzard Signature Edition" Lola GT, incorporating successful suggestions by Bob Lincoln. I made 9 of these bodies for the team and it was the primary body for Team Wizzard.